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"What can I say!!!! Where to start? From beginning to end, best attorney ever. Very quick to answer my call back. Told me what he thinks he can do and delivered. I was a referral and boy did it make a difference. From minute one, Gary was there meeting me at my place of choice, and after reviewing my case, he told me things would be ok from the get go.

Went to trial and like he said.......we won.

I would never call anyone else but Gary Medlin to council me. He knows his stuff. A legal genius!!!!

He is probably the most straight forward, no BS lawyer I have come across. Very informed and humble guy. I can honestly say he is a great person and now a friend I will always cherish."

- Jason

"Unfortunately, I found myself arrested for a criminal offense by a questionable officer, and had to locate an attorney to represent me and restore my once clean record. I insisted on a board certified attorney in criminal law so I placed my trust in Gary L. Medlin for representation, and I’m very glad I did. Up front, he clearly explained to me how it would more than likely proceed, and the cost associated with his representation.

Each and every time I needed to contact him or his office, I was given the information I was seeking. That information was always conveyed in professional, respectful, clear and succinct manner. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case, and if I ever find myself in need of legal counsel in the future, my first call will be to Gary L. Medlin."

(Boating while intoxicated charge with .14 breath test, found not guilty, January 2015)

- V.F.

"Mr. Medlin represented me on a DWI case a few years ago. I found him to be very reassuring and was very glad that I selected him over the slew of attorneys whose information had come in the mail following my arrest. He was kind and responsive when we spoke, never making me feel bothersome or nervous. His office staff was also incredibly nice and VERY helpful throughout the entire ordeal.

Gary appeared with me for my ALR hearing, where he helped me keep my license. Other attorneys I had interviewed had told me that it was pointless for us to attend this hearing, or that I should go to this hearing by myself. Ultimately, Gary was able to get my DWI charge reduced to a lesser non-moving violation, which kept my record clean. All in all, he definitely helped to make a painful and embarrassing situation a little better. I would definitely recommend Gary Medlin for those needing a lawyer in FTW."

- C.J.

Call Gary Medlin TODAY at (817) 900-2905 or fill in the form on this page for your FREE Case Evaluation.

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Gary Medlin and The Medlin Law Firm have successfully defended thousands of criminal cases in the state of Texas, affording us the extensive legal experience and resources within the Texas court systems to stay ahead of the prosecution in order to defend your good name and
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